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This study guide for Volume 1 of The English Tutor guides learners through each scene to review and apply the eight parts of speech.


To begin an examination of how words form a sentence, we should first recognize the job each word is doing within the sentence. One of the traditional ways by which we define that job is by labeling each word as belonging to a group to which all words doing the same job belong. These particular groupings, or classifications, are collectively called the “parts of speech.”

In the English language there are eight parts of speech. Although each word within a sentence is labeled as belonging to one of these parts of speech, sometimes a particular word may, because it is being used differently in another context, be labeled as belonging to a different part of speech.

Certainly you can form a sentence, or what appears to be a sentence, without assigning a part of speech to each word. But when you realize — or suspect — that something has gone wrong in a sentence, knowing the parts of speech helps you diagnose the problem and prescribe a remedy.

Table of Contents

Dear Viewer iii
Table of Contents v
Preface vii
Introduction ix
Parts of Speech 1
Nouns 3
Pronouns 7
Verbs 11
Adjectives 17
Adverbs 21
Conjunctions 25
Prepositions and Interjections 29
Conclusion 33
Index 37

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