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The review of basic English grammar that began with “The Parts of Speech” continues in Volume 2 with another story, now focusing on the elements of simple and compound sentences. Run Time: 75 Minutes


There are four kinds of sentence structures: simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, and compound-complex sentences. In this video we are studying the first two kinds of sentences, simple and compound. Leading into a study of the structure and the necessary components of these sentences, we begin, in the first scene, with a review of the parts of speech.

Story Line

In this 75-minute video, Sara, a teenage girl eager to win a college scholarship from the local grammar club, must have her knowledge of English tested. Her tutor, Pat, accompanies her to the examination, being held at the home of a club member, Mr. Coolidge. Mr. Coolidge, whose vocation is collecting and restoring vintage clothing, is working with his young apprentice, Jarrod. During the questioning we learn about Sara and those present on this important day in her life. Eventually, too, we learn the outcome of the examination.

In easy to follow segments, this absorbing learning tool guides the viewer through a basic course that explains and illustrates simple and compound sentences. In addition to sentence structure, various aspects of basic grammar are discussed, including subjects, verbs and predicates, direct and indirect objects, predicate nouns and pronouns, and verbals. The lessons are conveyed with both story and written on-screen summaries. Included with the video is a 27-page study guide. Additional study guides are available for purchase here.

Lesson 1: Using sentences, subjects, verbs, parts of speech, nouns, pronouns, and interjections
Lesson 2: Using nouns, pronouns, and verbs
Lesson 3: Using subjects, verbs, clauses, and simple sentences
Lesson 4: Using adjectives and adverbs
Lesson 5: Using direct objects, predicate nouns, predicate pronouns, and indirect objects
Lesson 6: Using prepositions, coordinating conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions, and compound sentences
Lesson 7: Using verbals, infinitives, gerunds, and participles
Lesson 8: Using sentences: simple and compound

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