Animal Safari - Vol.…



With her scarlet macaw, rose-haired tarantula, squirrel monkey, iguana, and boa constrictor, Karla explains how such inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest help to keep their environment healthy and thriving. Run Time: 40 Minutes


Lessons and Materials

With the help of “creature teachers,” wildlife instructor, Karla Majewski, instructs her young audience about the lives and behavior of five special animals — a scarlet macaw, a tarantula, a squirrel monkey, an iguana, and a boa constrictor. These are animals whose relatives live in the Amazon rainforest of South America. But R.C., Rosie, Rosita, Peewee, and Bart have always lived with human families, and they have not learned to survive on their own in the wild. So they have come to live with Karla and her family in their private home zoo. Here—and at schools, libraries, fairs, and other gathering places – children become acquainted with Karla’s special animals and learn to appreciate their place in our world.

Lesson 1: R.C., a Scarlet Macaw
Lesson 2: Rosie, a Tarantula
Lesson 3: Rosita, a Squirrel Monkey
Lesson 4: Peewee, an Iguana
Lesson 5: Bart, a Boa Constrictor

The Animal Safari Series

This series was designed to acquaint young people with the characteristics, behaviors, and habitats of many diverse animals. In most of the programs, members of the audience are invited to touch, hold, and gently interact with the animals. Recommended by Booklist “for young animal enthusiasts and classroom audiences,” the series emphasizes respect for the animals and their habitats.

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