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The study of basic English grammar begins with this volume in which, through a story, the eight parts of speech are explained. Run Time: 75 Minutes


In order to convey our thoughts clearly and skillfully, we need to know how to combine and use words. The set of rules by which words are best and correctly combined we call grammar. In the study of grammar, we can consider a sentence to be the most basic unit of words conveying a complete thought.

To begin an examination of how words form a sentence, we should first recognize the job each word is doing within the sentence. One of the traditional ways by which we define that job is by labeling each word as belonging to a group to which all words doing the same job belong. These particular groupings, or classifications, are collectively called the “parts of speech.”

In the English language there are eight parts of speech. Although each word within a sentence is labeled as belonging to one of these parts of speech, sometimes a particular word may, because it is being used differently in another context, be labeled as belonging to a different part of speech.

Certainly you can form a sentence, or what appears to be a sentence, without assigning a part of speech to each word. But when you realize — or suspect — that something has gone wrong in a sentence, knowing the parts of speech helps you diagnose the problem and prescribe a remedy.


In this 75-minute video, the story of a mysterious teenager begins to unfold as a young man, Pat, tutors Bessie, an elderly woman. Bessie owns and operates a large California fruit ranch just north of the Mexican border. Their subject is English grammar. As they review the parts of speech, the “classroom” moves with the various lessons to different parts of Bessie’s avocado and citrus grove. But who is this person stalking them…and what will the outcome be?

In easy to follow segments this absorbing learning tool guides the viewer through a basic course that explains and illustrates the eight parts of speech. The lessons are conveyed with both story and written on-screen summaries. Included with the video is a 37-page study guide. Additional study guides are available for purchase here.

Lesson 1: Parts of Speech
Lesson 2: Noun
Lesson 3: Pronoun
Lesson 4: Verbs
Lesson 5: Adjectives
Lesson 6: Adverbs
Lesson 7: Conjunctions
Lesson 8: Prepositions and Interjections

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