Collage Art for Kids…



This series was designed again by Donna Hugh to give the aspiring artist instruction in how to select and position various materials and objects in order to create pleasing, original collage compositions. Volume 1 focuses on paper collages. DVD format only. Run Time: 32 Minutes


Lessons and Materials

Lesson 1
Cut Paper Collage: Art teacher Donna Hugh emphasizes the importance of choice as she creates a collage from pieces of colored paper that have been cut into various sizes and shapes. The completed collage has the look of a colorful quilt!
Lesson 2
Torn Paper Collage: In this lesson, Donna demonstrates how to tear paper properly. Using pieces of colored paper she has torn, Donna carefully chooses where to place them to complete a beautiful and harmonious collage of vertical shapes!
Lesson 3
Tissue Paper Collage: Donna creates a desert scene by tearing colored tissue paper and affixing the pieces with very thin liquid glue. By layering and overlapping some of the paper, she shows how deeper hues and different colors can be achieved.

collage v1 table Collage Art for Kids - Vol. 1 Paper Collage

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