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A user-friendly series of videos based on the creative concept of instructing by means of stories. Learners varying widely in age and ability have enjoyed success in perfecting their knowledge of English grammar. A scene-based study guide accompanies each volume.  Click the NEXT button above for more information and to watch video clips from each volume!


About the The English Tutor Series

English grammar is a fearful subject to most students, young or old, who need to review the fundamentals of English; and it’s a subject often not in the least bit interesting to them. So…what better way to allay their apprehension and engage their attention than to tell stories that involve the study of grammar in a three-volume series.

Edith Cooper, Playwright & Educator

Author of the series is playwright Edith Cooper, whose work has appeared on stage and cable television. Her psychological drama, Lizzie, was an acclaimed winner at the Houston International Film Festival. In addition to her writing skills, she brings strong academic credentials to this series:

  • a bachelor’s degree in English from Stanford University
  • a master’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley
  • teaching experience as an English instructor at Stanford

Madison Cooper, Curriculum Consultant

Curriculum consultant for the series was Madison Cooper. Major components of the series, encouraging independent learning and self-paced study, arose from his master’s study program at the University of California, San Diego.

  • mentor of the writing program at the Palomar Community College Tutorial Center
  • member of the California Tutor Project
  • editor of the Club Grammaticus Newsletter

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