Drawing Lessons for Beginners…



These lessons discuss understanding atmospheric perspective, how to use artistic convention, and demonstrate how to use a mat frame in order to find the most pleasing composition. The importance of seeing clearly and drawing carefully is emphasized. Run Time: 58 Minutes


Lessons and Materials

Lesson 1
Mountains: As she shows how to sketch realistic mountains, Donna explains the importance of understanding atmospheric perspective.
Lesson 2
Rocks: Within an enlarged photograph of rocks, Donna uses a small mat frame to find the most pleasing composition.
Lesson 3
Tree Structure: Here Donna explains basic tree structure and the use of artistic convention. She completes the drawing with colored pencils.
Lesson 4
Potted Plant: Drawing a potted plant, Donna teaches how to see the plant’s structure clearly and to draw the details carefully.

drawing v2 table Drawing Lessons for Beginners - Vol. 2 Drawing Nature

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