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This series was designed again by Donna Hugh to give the aspiring artist instruction in how to select and position various materials and objects in order to create pleasing, original collage compositions. Volume 4 focuses on creating various greeting cards. DVD format only.Run Time: 57 Minutes


Lessons and Materials

Lesson 1
Cards for Mom and Dad: Art teacher, Donna Hugh, suggests various materials and techniques to make cards appropriate for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, etc.
Lesson 2
Celebration Cards: Donna creates celebratory card appropriate for many occasions, such as New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Congratulations, etc.
Lesson 3
Sentiment Cards: Donna uses torn paper, buttons, and ribbons to create cards for various sentiments, such as “Get Well Soon” or “Missing You,” etc.
Lesson 4
Holiday Cards: Donna creates a holiday card by cutting out poinsettia petals and leaves, partly gluing them down, then using mustard seeds and glitter glue for texture and a festive look.

collage v4 table Collage Art for Kids - Vol. 4 Greeting Cards

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