Drawing Lessons for Beginners…



When drawing an animal’s head, Donna Hugh urges students to first practice drawing its separate components. Drawing instruments include watercolor pencils, colored pencils, and ink. Two students briefly demonstrate the techniques Donna has taught them. Run Time: 58 Minutes


Lessons and Materials

Lesson 1
Rabbit: Donna emphasizes the importance of observing closely, using watercolor pencils to draw and paint a rabbit.
Lesson 2
Horse: Drawing a horse’s head, Donna urges students to practice drawing the separate components of the head.
Lesson 3
Armadillo: After drawing an armadillo with water-based pen, Donna enhances the drawing by smudging the ink with water.

In addition to these three lessons, this volume contains a short segment showing two young artists as they demonstrate techniques used by Donna and follow her instructions. She assures all beginning artists, regardless of age, that with practice they can produce excellent drawings.

drawing v4 table Drawing Lessons for Beginners - Vol. 4 Drawing Animals

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