Drawing Lessons for Beginners…



When Donna Hugh draws a portrait, she points out the need to understand correct proportions and the proper placement of facial elements. When drawing a human figure, she demonstrates the grid method of drawing and also how to make gestural drawings. Run Time: 61 Minutes


Lessons and Materials

In these three lessons, Donna shows various manufactured molds and models that beginning artists can use. Building on the drawing techniques she discusses and demonstrates, Donna creates an ink drawing in the third lesson, completing it as a monochromatic wash.

Lesson 1

Drawing Facial Parts: Art Instructor, Donna Hugh, emphasizes the need to practice drawing the parts of a face, using one’s own face, a live model, or molds.

Lesson 2

Drawing a Portrait: Drawing a portrait, Donna emphasizes the need to understand correct proportions and proper placement of facial elements.

Lesson 3

Human Figure & Gestures in Monochromatic Wash: After first explaining the grid method of drawing, Donna makes gestural drawings and draws a human figure freehand.

drawing v3 table Drawing Lessons for Beginners - Vol. 3 Drawing People

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