Drawing Lessons for Beginners…



We produced this series by request from many users of our “Art Lessons For Children” series. The series was developed for use by both children and adults to learn to draw simple shapes, nature, people and animals. This series is one of our most popular! DVD Format. VHS unavailable. Click the NEXT button above for more information and to watch video clips from each volume!


About the Series

With Drawing Lessons for Beginners Donna Hugh has given the aspiring artist an enormously helpful and motivating series, which supplements her lessons in the Art Lessons for Children series. In these four Drawing Lessons for Beginners volumes, she demonstrates a wide range of drawing techniques and uses a variety of drawing instruments. Throughout her long career in elementary education, Donna has emphasized both the importance and the joy of creating art.

The only materials you will need for the entire series of drawing lessons are below. Each individual volume link above lists the readily available and inexpensive materials required for each volume.

Materials Needed for Series:

Click here for a list of materials needed for each volume.

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