Animal Safari - Vol.…



Meet some of today’s zoo animals that share a variety of common features with dinosaurs, including several breeds of chickens, an emu, a Catalina macaw, leopard geckos, a Chinese water dragon, and a black and white tegu. Run Time: 26 Minutes


Lessons and Materials

Karla explores the connection between dinosaurs and certain modern day creatures from her private zoo. Karla’s emu, shares an important feature with dinosaurs: strong back legs used for defense and attack, for example. Karla explains, suggest that at least one of the “bird” dinosaurs walked more than it flew, as does this macaw, Mikey. With her young audience, Karla discusses common features — sharp teeth and claws and powerful jaws — that dinosaurs and this tegu share.

Lesson 1: Lizards
Lesson 2: Louie, an Emu
Lesson 3: Mikey, a Macaw
Lesson 4: A Tegu

The Animal Safari Series

This series was designed to acquaint young people with the characteristics, behaviors, and habitats of many diverse animals. In most of the programs, members of the audience are invited to touch, hold, and gently interact with the animals. Recommended by Booklist “for young animal enthusiasts and classroom audiences,” the series emphasizes respect for the animals and their habitats.

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