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This study guide for Volume 3 of The English Tutor guides learners through each scene to review and apply complex and compound-complex sentences; the remaining two types of sentences.


There are four kinds of sentence structures: simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, and compound-complex sentences. In this video we are studying the last two kinds of sentences, complex and compound-complex.

Table of Contents

Dear Viewer iii
Table of Contents v
Preface vii
Introduction ix
Scene 1: Charlie Meets Alice and Miss Girard; The Examination Begins (clauses, simple sentences, compound sentences) 1
Scene 2: Alice Explains Her Work with Miss Girard (subordinate clauses, complex sentences) 5
Scene 3: Charlie Tastes Tofu and Learns About Miss Girard’s “Restaurant” (relative pronouns) 7
Scene 4: Charlie Learns Why Alice Doesn’t Go to School (personal pronouns) 9
Scene 5: Charlie Answers Questions While Nibbling on Potato Wedges (cases of personal pronouns and their uses) 13
Scene 6: They All Eat Lunch Together (compound-complex sentences) 17
Scene 7: Why Must Charlie Go to College in Berkeley? (sentence errors) 19
Scene 8: Charlie’s Father Works on a Road Crew (advantages and disadvantages of longer sentences) 21
To Summarize 23
Index 25

Click here to watch a clip from Volume 3.

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