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Our storyline review of English grammar concludes with Volume 3 in which the characters learn about complex and compound-complex sentences. Run Time: 66 Minutes


There are four kinds of sentence structures: simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, and compound-complex sentences. In this video we are studying the last two kinds of sentences, complex and compound-complex.

Story Line

In this 66-minute video, Charlie, a teenager who lives with his father, is competing for a college scholarship. On this day his knowledge of English is being tested at the home of Miss Girard, a member of the local grammar club. Charlie’s tutor, Pat, has accompanied him. During the examination, Miss Girard, a vegetarian cook, is preparing dinner for expected guests with the help of Alice, a young friend. During the questioning we learn why Alice has been taught at home since an early age, and we learn why Charlie’s mother quit the family when he was a young child. Finally, we learn if he wins the scholarship.

In easy to follow segments, this absorbing learning tool guides the viewer through a basic course that explains and illustrates complex and compound-complex sentences. In addition to sentence structure, various aspects of basic grammar are discussed, including clauses, relative pronouns, personal pronouns, and sentence errors. The lessons are conveyed with both story and written on-screen summaries. Included with the video is a 25-page study guide.

Additional study guides are available for purchase here.

Lesson 1: Using clauses, simple sentences, and compound sentences
Lesson 2: Using subordinate clauses and complex sentences
Lesson 3: Using relative pronouns
Lesson 4: Using personal pronouns
Lesson 5: Cases of personal pronouns and their uses
Lesson 6: Using compound-complex sentences
Lesson 7: Examples of sentence errors
Lesson 8:The advantages and disadvantages of longer sentences

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