The Donna Hugh Collection

Original price was: $379.30.Current price is: $299.00.


Original price was: $379.30.Current price is: $299.00.

The Donna Hugh Collection includes all 14 of our classic DVDs (46 total lessons) featuring art teacher, Donna Hugh.  Click on the series links below for more information and to watch video clips from each volume!

Includes a framed personalized letter from the producers!

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Click Here to download a list of all lessons and materials needed for each lesson.

Art Lessons Vol 1

Lesson 1: Watercolor Flowers
Lesson 2: Watercolor Discovery
Lesson 3: Desert Scene
Lesson 4: Opaque Watercolors

 Art Lessons Vol 2

Lesson 1: Working with Oil Pastels
Lesson 2: Foil Art
Lesson 3: Printmaking

Art Lessons Vol 3

Lesson 1: Field of Flowers
Lesson 2: The Chinese Dragon
Lesson 3: Surprise Blossoms
Lesson 4: Underwater Scene

Art Lessons Vol 4

Lesson 1: The Sailboat
Lesson 2: The Dinosaur
Lesson 3: Hot Air Balloons
Lesson 4: Impressionist Scene

Art Lessons Vol 5

Lesson 1: The Toucan
Lesson 2: The Iguana
Lesson 3: The Tamandua

Art Lessons Vol 6

Lesson 1: Tillandsias
Lesson 2: Bromeliads
Lesson 3: Orchids

Drawing Lessons Vol 1

Lesson 1: Bell Pepper – Using the art of carefully seeing
Lesson 2: Shoe – Using shadow drawing, shading, and
various pencils
Lesson 3: Conch Shell – Completing drawings with colored
Lesson 4: Mixed Media Still Life – Using a brush as drawing instrument with pen finish

Drawing Lessons Vol 2

Lesson 1: Mountains – Understanding atmospheri
Lesson 2: Rocks – Using a mat frame to find pleasing
Lesson 3: Tree Structure – Using artistic convention
Lesson 4: Potted Plant – Seeing details clearly

Drawing Lessons Vol 3

Lesson 1: Drawing Facial Part – Need for practice
Lesson 2: Drawing a Portrait – Understanding Proportions
and Placement
Lesson 3: Human Figure & Gestures in Monochromatic
Wash – Understanding the Grid Method

Drawing Lessons Vol 4

Lesson 1: Rabbit – Importance of observing closely
Lesson 2: Horse – Practicing with separate components
Lesson 3: Armadillo – Enhancing drawings with smudging

Collage Art Vol 1

Lesson 1: Cut Paper Collage – The importance of choice
Lesson 2: Torn Paper Collage – Properly tearing paper for
Lesson 3: Tissue Paper Collage – Achieving deeper hues
and varying colors

Collage Art Vol 2

Lesson 1: Texture Collage – Using natural materials for
Lesson 2: Theme Collage – Using pictures as starting

Collage Art Vol 3

Lesson 1: Fruit Bowl Collage: Using watercolor paint strokes and paper shapes
Lesson 2: Snowy Village Collage: Using crayon strokes, cut shapes, and 3D objects

Collage Art Vol 4

Lesson 1: Cards for Mom and Dad: Father’s Day, Mother’s
Day, Birthdays
Lesson 2: New Year’s Day, Independence Day,
Lesson 3: Thank you, Get Well Soon, Missing You
Lesson 4: Holiday Cards: Christmas, Hanukkah, Others


Donn Hught table The Donna Hugh Collection

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