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This series is based on the belief that all children have natural creative talents waiting for expression. There are three to four lessons on each title. In each lesson, the artist/teacher shows step-by-step how to create beautiful and individual art. DVD Format. Click the NEXT button above for more information and to watch video clips from each volume!


About the Series

Donna Hugh, throughout her long career in elementary education, has motivated and encouraged countless students to learn the joy of creating art. Serving as an art consultant to various schools, she has been instrumental in saving art programs that might otherwise have been cancelled. In addition, by giving a continuing series of art instruction workshops to teachers and parents, she has fostered their ability to teach art to children.

Materials Needed for Series:

Click here for a list of materials needed for each volume.

Series Review

Art lessons are time-consuming and expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice to have affordable private art instruction without having to leave home? Art Lessons for Children with Donna Hugh makes that desire a reality. This product consists of six DVDs, each containing three or four art lessons taught by experienced art teacher Donna Hugh. Using simple supplies, most of which the average homeschool will have on hand, Donna leads kids through projects using water colors, oil pastels, and felt-tip pens. The students work with the instructor as she creates the art projects in real time. Donna’s experience in teaching art is obvious as she encourages her virtual students throughout the creative process.

Volumes 1 and 3 focus on using watercolors, and some amazing, beautiful pictures are created along the way. Volume 2 introduces students to art projects that use oil pastels, foil art to make a bas relief, and printmaking. The students learn how to use their markers to make several impressive pictures in Volume 4. The last two volumes use a variety of artistic techniques while introducing kids to the animals and plants of the rainforest. (The rainforest focus of the last two DVDs would make a nice component of a science unit or unit study about the rainforest.)

My children enjoyed watching the DVDs and were enthusiastic about trying the projects for themselves. My 9-year-old daughter was so inspired that she bought a set of oil pastels and began independently producing beautiful pictures using the techniques she learned from the DVDs. I love a resource that motivates my children to branch off into learning without me! The six DVDs contain a total of 21 art lessons and could easily be used as a source of thorough art instruction for an entire semester or more. They would also work really well within a homeschool co-op setting, since most of the projects can be completed in less than an hour. These DVDs will definitely be a part of my homeschool during the next year.

Cindy Puhek, Home School Enrichment Magazine, September/October 2010

Other Reviews

The art lessons have been designed for primary and intermediate grades, but older children–even adults–are enjoying them. These are just a few of the comments by reviewers:

Excellent guidance … offers solid art instruction

Encourages creativity … a terrific way to spend creative quality time

Demonstrates some wonderful ways to create

Good visuals and clear instruction…easy to follow directions

Good technical quality and clear instruction

Can be used as a class activity or by individual students

Stresses individuality … thorough walk-through of artistic techniques … emphasis on self-expression

Other Feedback

We’ve also received many unsolicited phone calls and notes, such as:

We checked out ‘Felt Pen Fun’ from the library. Excellent! My children and I love it.
Heather A.

My daughter, Shannon, loved your videotape ‘Animals of the Rain Forest’. She entered her iguana picture in the PTA contest and WON!
Linda H.

The children have loved the art projects from your videos. They are so proud of their work.
Cathy H.

Our rain forest toucans were wonderful! My first graders did a good job and really enjoyed using the oil pastels.
Judy M.

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